We LOVE our work.

And, we LOVE our clients.

But sometimes, in the midst of a project, nose in full grind, we find ourselves with an itch that needs to be scratched. A little brain fart that starts whittling away in the back of our minds that says, "Hey! Look at me!” It’s certainly distracting. And it is probably not in our best interest to drop everything and give into the nagging tingle.

However, we’re designers. We know that these flutters of ideas can lead to greater things. An inspired designer is a happy designer. We need to make time to nurture these ideas and explore the concepts around them. Because, more often than not, they make magic. They keep our skills polished and can take us into new and challenging areas. And, above all else: It’s fun.

So, to Answer the call of the brain farts/distractions/flashes of inspiration we developed BFD Tees!

BFD Tees is a place where we allow ourselves to play. Where we can design T-Shirts and other merchandise that WE find inspiring and fun. Hopefully you will too.

BFD Tees: T-Shirt Store

Visit BFD Tees.com

Spenser For Hire Henry Cimoli's Harbor Health Club Racerback Tank Top BJÖRNSTAD HOCKEY (Beartown) Reversed Classic T-Shirt BJÖRNSTAD HOCKEY (Beartown) - Angry Bear in Green Cap NOT HOTH NATIONAL PARK Fitted Scoop T-Shirt  Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. Lake Wausau Musky Outfitters  Louise Penny and Three Pines by joining the Literary Society