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Powerful Software & Applications for your Business

Is your off-the-shelf solution not living up to its expectations? Does your business need something that it can’t do? A custom application might be the answer.

If your business has a need that is not being adequately addressed by software that is available in the market, it is time to start thinking about custom software.

Big Fat Designs builds powerful and scalable solutions to drive your business growth - designed specifically for your business goals. With over 20 years of experience, our team of expert application developers and consultants will learn your business inside and out and recommend the technology that fits your needs.

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Solving Business Problems

Custom applications need to effectively resolve a business challenge. We always start with developing a clear understanding of the business problem you’re solving. We ask and identify: Who will use the app? How will it be used? What is the main problem we are addressing? Why won’t a commercial solution work?

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Is Custom Software Right For You?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following, it is time to invest in custom application software:

  1. Do you have business needs that cannot be answered with a commercially-available product?

  2. Do you need features other software products don’t offer?

  3. Have tried to force off-the-shelf software to fit your business needs outweigh only to realize the complications of integrating far outweigh the advantages?

Yep, I Need Custom Software!

Developed for your needs and no one else.

In custom software development, Big Fat Designs will work closely together with your team to decide what the planned software’s purpose is, who its intended users are, and what the exact business requirements are that the program should meet.

Decision-making factors include:

  • Do you have specialized information security and privacy concerns?
  • How much data is involved, and how complex is it?
  • What existing commercial software products are in use? Are they rigid and lack scalability?
  • What are your budgetary and financial constraints?

The benefits will be clear.

Your investment in custom software development should:

Cost vs Profits
  • Connect your employees, customers and/or partners.
  • Manage your key processes and clear bottlenecks.
  • Leverage your business’s assets and products.
  • Reduce cost, reduce time needed to complete tasks, while increasing overall efficiency.
  • Help your business discover – and handle – new opportunities for revenue and growth.

Applications of any size:

A custom application can be as simple as a form collecting and distributing customer information, or as complex as a custom pricing engine and customer relationship management tool. We have designed applications of all sizes.

  • Pricing Calculators
  • Product Configurators
  • Product Library & Database
  • Marketing Library
  • Customer Relationship Managers
  • Customer Service Portal with Geo Location & Mapping Services
  • Work Ticket Systems
  • Sales Tracking & Project Management Solutions
  • Construction Jobsite Reporting Systems
  • E-Commerce and Online Shopping
  • Website Content Management System
  • FTP Portal
  • College Football Game Tracking with Historical Statistical Analysis
  • Customer Payment Portals (ACH, Pay Pal,, Square, Etc.)
  • Authentication API
  • Quote Submissions with integration to Salesforce
  • Online Directory & Advertisement Delivery System
  • Intranet Message Board
  • Intranet Employee Portal
  • Job Search Portal with Resume/CV Database Search Engine
  • Mortgage Application Aggregator

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