Sell! Sell! Sell!


Placing "Call Now!" with your phone number on your website is not encouraging your potential customers to call you. Sure, it gives them a way TO contact you, and maybe it grabs their attention - But if that's the only device you are using to get them to contact you, perhaps you want to dig a little deeper and try a little harder.

What To Target:

Here is a quick list of things you can use/say/do on your website to help sell your products and services.

  • Portfolio of your work. How about showing them some of the other work you have done for your clients? Selling by example is a powerful marketing tool.
  • Sales Incentives. Are you offering any special discounts on your products? Do you offer bulk discounts? Are you telling people about these promotions on your website???
  • Financing Incentives. Do you offer any specialized financing, layaway plans, or credit offers? You already know that offering your customers flexible payment methods can help close a sale - why not add this to your website?
  • Case Studies. While a portfolio offers lots of glossy pictures of your products - a case study section delves deeper into the story behind the project revealing information that the prospect can go "Oh yeah, we could use that too!" You never know what piece of information may connect with the client. Displaying a detailed and informative project analysis demonstrates your knowledge of your client's needs and the level of service your provide. Furthermore, your prospects can see how they could work with your organization and how you will benefit them.
  • "Spread The Word Giveaways." Have your customers mention your products and or services in their own social media accounts for a chance to be entered in a drawing for "Amazing Prizes." Get your customers involved in doing your advertising while building customer loyalty.
  • Online Store. While we still maintain that Online Storefronts are NOT for every business - perhaps it is right for YOUR business. Depending on your product or current promotion, now is the chance to place "Add To Cart" on your website. A simple checkout will close more sales than not having one at all. Remember, you don't have to list your entire product line online: Start with your best sellers and/or current promotions.

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