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Custom applications may seem daunting, but the investment will pay for itself - and we have the math to prove it. Use the calculator below to see how much time a custom application can save your organization.

Faster. More Accurate. More Productive.

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Imagine all your work in one place.

No data lookups. No "multiple excel sheets". No visits to 3rd party websites to find pricing. No cobbled together reports generated from multiple software platforms. No exporting and then importing and then re-exporting again.

Just simple, auto-populated forms and pages that handle all the workflow for you - allowing you to focus on the goal, and not the busy work.

On average, BFD has been able to save their clients an average of 80% or more of their time, by developing streamlined custom applications. We utilize a combination of technology and usability to find speed gains wherever we can: automated tasks, database integration, efficient data organization, task centric design screen design - it all adds up. Saving seconds, here and there, becomes minutes overall - which results in huge returns for you.

The results aren't just in the bottom line:

  • More efficient work = happier employees
  • More accuracy = happier managers
  • Less training & More productivity

And since everything is stored online, creating custom reporting is a breeze.

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