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A microsite is a standalone, single page website (or a website with very few pages) that is created to highlight a specific product or service. Their intention is to focus the viewer’s attention on only that information in order to get them to make a purchase or fill out a form.

When to use a microsite:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • Promoting an events
  • Targeting specific geographical locations
  • Targeting specific demographics

The advantages of using microsites:

  • Targeted content that only pertains to the subject at hand. No fluff, no banner ads, and no links to distract your visitor.
  • It doesn’t compete with or have to find a home on your main website. Since the site lives on its own, the content can stand as its own sub-brand.
  • Microsites are usually short-lived, giving you the flexibility to try out new strategies and ideas.

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